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“Jonah the prophet” by Reuven Rubin

Please find details of “Jonah the prophet” by Reuven Rubin

Glass sculpture “Jonah the prophet” by Reuven Rubin, one of the founders of the new Eretz-Israel art style. The unique glass sculpture shows prophet Jonah in water. His gaze expresses the confusion, fear and especially horror.

The story of Jonah

One of the books of Nevi’im (“Prophets”) tells the story of Jonah, who refused to go to Assyrian Nineveh with a sermon of repentance and the prediction of the imminent death of the city. Instead of it, the prophet boarded a ship and set off a long voyage to Tarshish. A storm arose and the prophet, who understood the reason of the gale, asked the crew to throw him into the sea. By the G-d’s command, a whale swallowed Jonah. After Jonah had repented, G-d let him out and sent with the sermon to Nineveh.

In particular,

Forms and colour transitions appear to convey the spray of sea waves and foam. Also, raised hands internsify desperation. Jonah looks almost mad. The glass emphasizes fragility and at the same time symbolizes a border, that isolates Jonah and makes him feel totally dependent on a divine providence.

Israeli modernist artist is famous for gentle landscapes of Jerusalem and Galilee. Central themes in his art were the biblical landscape, folklore and people. We bring to your attention the blog about “Jerusalem” by Reuven Rubin, the Holy city that combines antiquity and vitality. In this place the history influences everyday life.

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